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About Sites That Claim To Open Swiss Bank Accounts

Instantly For $29-$99 USD

Be wary of web sites claiming that they will open a swiss bank account & secure a credit/debit card for you instantly for a sum of $29-99 USD.  There are dozens of web sites on the Internet that guarantee a new swiss account for you, along with a brand new International VISA/MasterCard debit card.  The reality is that after you pay, your name & address is simply forwarded to a swiss bank, and it is at the financial institution's discretion "over in Switzerland" if they will open a swiss bank account.  YOU are ultimately the one who fills out the SWISS POSTAL ACCOUNT application form that is MAILED to the address you have provided to the consultant.

NOTE:  You might find yourself with a swiss bank account that is not suited for your specific needs.

The Online Consultant or Mediator simply gives your information to another entity.  After they do, it is out of the mediators hands.  Only about 50% of individuals or businesses who purchase through these websites are able to get a swiss bank account opened, due to the fact the consultant or mediator only knows of one financial institution to refer their customers to.

We've been providing all of the resources, tools, information & contacts needed for new swiss bank account openers to determine for themselves which swiss bank or financial institution is right for them.

There are hundreds of swiss banks out there...  Read through our site to obtain the knowledge needed to open the right swiss bank account for you!

Attention U.S. Residents and Non-Swiss Citizens:

For U.S. and all non-residents of Switzerland looking to open a swiss bank account, look no further.  We list over 200 swiss banks & financial institutions within our eBook that you can contact directly to find out about available services & account types.  Just give them a call, send an email or apply at their site to open your account with them.  There is absolutely no gimmicks...

You'll find that there are several web sites on the Internet claiming they know of banks or financial institutions that allow U.S. Residents to open accounts through Postal Mail, but the fact of the matter is after you submit payment through them, they simply redirect you to a web page with a few links & information that does not inform the new account opener to set up an account.

We provide FULL SUPPORT for our eBook, and should you require, will assist you personally in locating a swiss bank that will open an account for you without going to Switzerland.  All correspondence from the swiss bank & you will be conducted either over the phone, email, fax or via their web site when opening your account.

We've been online and doing business since 1995, and have thousands of satisfied swiss account holders worldwide.


Every year, millions of individuals, investors & business owners around the world open swiss bank accounts for a variety of reasons.  Although, usually, the primary goal is to put money in a secure place that cannot be touched by other entities.

Whether, you are a business owner wanting to keep money in a safe place, an individual looking to deposit money someplace where others cannot get their hands on it, or an investor just looking for a good bank to deposit their profits into, Swiss banks are the safest & most reliable financial institutions in the world.

Swiss banks are not exclusively for the rich & famous.  In fact, 90% + of Swiss bank account holders do not have more than $50k in their accounts.

You can keep any amount in your bank account, whether it's only a few hundreds, or a few hundred million.

Why pay a mediator/consultant hundreds of dollars to open a Swiss bank account for you at an unknown financial institution?

Some things are too good to be true, and the online Swiss bank account consultants are certainly that.  The BIG SELL that most Online Swiss Banking Consultants offer is the fastest processing of the account opener's application.

The fact of the matter is, yes, they do submit your Account Application to a Swiss Bank that is unknown to you until after the account is setup, immediately after you give them $100-400.  And, well, that's all they do....  They simply fill out a short account application form online, and submit your information.  ALL FOR HUNDREDS OF $$$'s.

The only problem is, that the application is now in the UNKNOWN banks hands and it is out of the consultants/mediator's control.  The Swiss bank that they had submitted your application form decides if & when they will open your account.  There are some Swiss banks that will set up an account for you within 1 business day, and there others that have a 3-4 week waiting policy to screen for criminals.

As a future Swiss bank account holder, don't you want to be in more control over who you choose as a financial institution?  It's only logical that you would want to be in the drivers seat during the whole process!

Why entrust all of your personal information to a possibly fraudulent Swiss Banking Online Consultant that you have never met, when you can choose which Swiss financial institution you want to do business with, and fill out the Account Application Forms directly online yourself.

At our site, we offer an eBook, which provides a complete list of all Swiss Financial Institutions that the various types of accounts that exist (Personal, Business) (Checking, Savings).  Each Swiss bank listed within our ebook includes a description of their services, their fees, actual client comments, location, complete contact information, and a direct link to their ONLINE account application form.

Additionally, you don't need to fly to Switzerland to open a Swiss bank account.  You may open a regular postal Swiss bank account by simply filling out a short online form at the Swiss bank's web site.

The two types of Swiss bank accounts that Swiss financial institutions are offering are as follows:  Postal & "Multi-Currency" Numbered Accounts

All Swiss Bank Accounts can be opened online instantly, but in order for you to fund it, you must complete the official application package that will be sent to your physical address.

Within our featured eBook, you will find: 1.) Direct Links to Online Swiss Bank Account Application Forms for you to fill out, 2.)  Comprehensive listing of Swiss Banks & Financial Institutions, including:  Full Addresses, Phone & Fax Numbers, Web Site & Email Addresses 3.)  Swiss Banking Tips, Resources, Tools, Information & Contacts, and 4.) Everything you need to know about Swiss Banks.

Many of those who refer to web sites offering to "OPEN A SWISS BANK ACCOUNT INSTANTLY" are oblivious to the account types, fees & services that the Swiss financial institution offers.

5 Things New Account Openers Should Know

The account type that is the most suitable.
Account Fees that are imposed by the financial institution.
Available services that can be of assistance to you.
Financial Institution Requirements such as: Minimum Deposits, Documentation, Residency & Non-Residency Issues, etc...
The time it takes to open a new account when all information is provided.

If you plan on paying a consultant online hundreds of dollars to open a swiss bank account without knowing the above, you could be in for a big surprise!

The bottom line is, if you're looking to open a swiss bank account, why not have a bit more control over who you choose to bank with.  After all, why pay hundreds of dollars to somebody who is just going to fill out a short online account application form at a swiss financial web site, when you can do it yourself for FREE and on your own terms.

Like any savvy business-minded individual will agree with, knowledge is power which brings about good decision-making.

When opening a Swiss Bank Account using any of the financial institutions listed in our eBook, you will realize the following:

  • Instant Online Account Application Submission
  • Guaranteed Approval
  • No Minimum Account Deposits - Open an Active Swiss Bank with 0$




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