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Open An Account Instantly Online

"Swiss Postal" & "Multi-Currency" Accounts

The two types of Swiss Bank Accounts that are offered by most financial institutions are: 

Swiss Postal & Multi-Currency

With hundreds of swiss financial institutions to open up & administer your swiss bank account, knowing what the procedures are in the initial account opening phase is crucial.

With the swiss financial institutions listed within our eBook, you will be able to compare each and every one side-by-side and determine for yourself which bank is right for you.  Knowing the swiss bank that will open your account is very important.

There are thousands of new swiss bank account openers every day who turn to online consultancies and pay upwards to $500 to open a swiss bank account.  Yet, the new account opener never knows which financial institution they will be doing business with when paying the online consultancies that "GUARANTEE SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS".

It's like trusting your entire life savings with a stranger...

We have taken the mystery out of opening swiss bank accounts, by compiling as much as information about swiss banks, their services & fees, and presenting it to future swiss bank account holders in an easy-to-navigate format, our eBook.

Time Frame To Open A Swiss Bank Account

Depending on the swiss financial institution you choose to open a swiss bank account with, the time it takes to actually open up & activate your account ranges anywhere from 24 hours - 2 weeks.

There are numerous swiss financial institutions which guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time, and there are others that will open up your account within 7-14 business days.

So, depending on how urgent you're looking to open & fund your account, you will be able to choose which swiss bank is most suitable for you at the time.

Online Account Application Forms & Requests

Listed within our eBook, you will find dozens of swiss financial institutions that you can contact & open an account with.

Each Swiss Financial Institution has their own procedures & methods for opening a swiss bank account.

They range from telephone, fax, email, web site & postal mail correspondence.

Most Non-Resident Swiss Bank Accounts are opened through Postal Mail.  The way it works, is the new account opener goes to their web site or calls them for a short pre-application form, fills it out, and then the Swiss Bank mails the official Account Application Package to their mailing address.

The recipient "you" fill out the form, and then mail or fax it back to them.  The account is then opened in 24 hours upon receipt of your documents.


Swiss Bank Account Opening Standard Requirements

Non-Residents of Switzerland

There is really only one main requirement when opening a swiss bank account for NON-RESIDENTS of Switzerland:

You need to get an authenticated photocopy of your passport with an apostille. This seal is used to certify that an official document is a true copy. In most countries you can get it from a notary public.

The Swiss Bank you select to open a swiss bank account with will provide you with full instructions for the complete account opening procedure.

The whole Swiss Bank Account Opening process will take a maximum of 1-2 weeks.


In addition, there are absolutely NO MINIMUM DEPOSIT requirements for non-resident Postal Accounts.

There are many misconceptions that Swiss Banks require a substantial minimum deposit.  This is just not true...  Thousands of Swiss Bank Accounts are opened & activated everyday with NO MINIMUM DEPOSIT.


Residents or Citizens of Switzerland

If you are a citizen or resident of Switzerland, and you are looking to open a swiss bank account, then you can simply give the Financial Institution call or visit their office and request an application.






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